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Chautauqua Airlines

About Chautauqua Airlines

Chautauqua Airlines is one of America's oldest airlines having been in operation since 1974. Chatauqua Airlines is now one of four subsidiary airlines onwed by Republic Airways Holdings. Republic Airways Holdings is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana and also own Frontier Airlines, Republic Airlines and Shuttle America. You probably won't recognise any of these airlines, with the exception of Frontier Airlines, because they aren't actually airlines, let me explain. Chatauqua Airlines doesn't operate it's own flights. The majority of Chatauqua's fleet are used by other airlines, most notably for the express services of Continantal Airlines, Delta, U.S. Airways and American Airlines.


These planes are not painted as Chatauqua planes but in the colors of the airline which they are flying under. It therefore goes without saying that if you're wanting to contact Chatauqua regarding anything to do with flights then you should actually deal through the principle carrier, not Chautauqua. Even though Chauatuqua have some of their own pilots and crew, these staff will be working under the flag of which ever airline they are flying under. If you are looking for cancelled flights information on a Chautauqua flight, or any other flight, be sure to check out the flight cancellations page.

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The Chautauqua Airlines fleet consists solely of 78 Embraer ERJ planes (as of May, 2010). 13 of these planes are used for Frontier Airlines (6 Embraer ERJ 135's and 7 Embraer ERJ 145's).

American Airlines Connection service fly 15 of Chautauqua's Embraer ERJ 140 planes and Delta Connection fly 22 of their ERJ 145's.

Continental Express and U.S. Airways Express fly 14 and 9 ERJ 145's respectively.

Chautauqua reserves 5 Embraer ERJ 145's for special services.

In terms of services, the Chautauqua Airlines fleet fly to a total of 98 airports and make an average of around 700 flights per day connecting between a total of 31 states.

Safety Record

There is a black mark against the safety record of the Chautauqua Airlines fleet in relation to their Canadair Regional jets. It came in the form of a $348,000 fine imposed by the Federal Aviation Authority in April, 2010. The fine was imposed because Chautauqua failed to perform any inspections on one of the Canadair planes from November 2007 through to January 2009 for a total of 17,600 scheduled flights without a single inspection of the engines.

Chautauqua also flew another 8 Canadair planes over 9,900 flights without engine inspections being done. Unfortunately for the average consimer, there is no way of knowing which flights or planes are part of the Chautauqua Airlines fleet because they are used by so many different airlines.

I hope this article provided you with all of the information you were looking for about Chautauqua Airlines. Remember that if you're interested in finding out
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